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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 Challenge - Book #10 - The Thirteenth Tale

10 books this month!  Go me.

Today's review is:  The Thirteenth Tale

This was under the category:  A Book With A Number In The Title

This is the story of a recluse author named Vida Winter.  She has been a beloved author her whole career, but now her life is near the end.  She is now ready to release the truth about her life story, which is a tragic past she has never told before.  She calls on Margaret who is a biographer, and someone that can write down her final story before she dies.  Margaret gets drawn into her story.  Vida relives the story of Isabelle and her brother Charlie, twins named Adeline and Emmaline, a ghost who lived on the property, a governess who tried to change the lives of this family forever, and a devastating fire that destroyed it all.

During Margaret's time with Miss Winter, she reveals secrets of her own family and wallows in grief at the loss of her own twin sister.  In the end, Margaret must come to terms with her grief to really understand Vidas story.

This book was good for awhile.  I loved trying to figure out how all of the characters in Vida's story fit together, and where she actually fit in the whole thing.  But Margaret started to become an annoying character, and that basically ruined the book for me.  The author made Margaret a very whiny character about a sibling she never knew.  All of the sudden she NEEDED her, and she MISSED her, and she wanted to be with her.  IT was just weird.  And kind of dumb.  I felt like it distracted from the base story - Vida's.  I don't really think Margaret's story should have been a part of this book - there was enough substance with Vida's to carry it through to the end.

Stars: 2

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