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Breathe To Read

Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 Challenge - Book #14 - El Deafo

Today's book is

El Deafo

This is under the category:  A Newberry Award Winner

This is a graphic novel and story of a girl who is Deaf.  She got meningitis at age 4, and lost her hearing.  She has to wear large hearing aids and she doesn't want to go to school fearing that this will attract a lot of attention.  It covers her feeling left out because she still cannot hear well even with the hearing aids, and how hard it is for her to make friends when she is wearing a large hearing device on her chest (this book takes place in the 70s).  She pretends she is a super hero - El Deafo to help deal with being different.

This was a cute book.  I read it in about an hour.  My eldest daughter read it and enjoyed it as well.  She was very interested in the hearing device that was common in the 70s, since hearing aides these days are much more powerful and discreet.  They story did explain a lot about how she heard, and that talking louder and slower didn't actually help her understand better.  I think it is a great book for kids to understand (at least in the 70s) what it was like to be deaf.

There were a few characters that smoked....which is kind of unheard of in books for kids these days.  (at least in graphic novels for 2nd graders).  So teachers and parents may want to read this themselves before they share with younger ones.

Stars: 4

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