Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Challenge - It is Time

A new years is upon us, so it is time for a new reading challenge.  Last year I read 80 books.  I think I can do that again, but I have set the challenge at 75.  Last year I started with a challenge of 50, and then upped it to 73.....

I have picked quite a few challenging books for this year, so if you want to see them, click HERE.

In the last two years, I have used Goodreads to get my annual challenge categories.  But I wanted to mix and match this year and try to make sure I got categories I didn't use in the past.  That was not easy.  I think I did that for the most part.  Not that it would matter if you did a same cateogry - you would be using a new book.  But I wanted to really stretch.

So here are the 75 categories I have chosen (in case you don't want to look back in the history.  I am not going to re-post the books I chose - just the categories).  Are you up for the challenge?  You don't have to read 75 books.  You could read 10.  Or 25.  The reason I have enjoyed the challenge is because it got me out of a rut.  I have talked to so many people that stick to one Genre.  Or love a particular writer.  And those are all just fine.  But there are millions and millions of amazing books out there just begging to be read.  Classics you were afraid to tackle.  Science Fiction books you were sure you would hate.  Trust me - I was in that same place two years ago.  Then I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and reach for those books that I would never chose on my own.

Plus my mother was tired of reading my hand me down dystopian future books.

Branch out this year.  Chose this year to make reading a book from the library you have passed a hundred times but never checked out.  Make the world see that reading will always be important and nothing will replace books and knowledge.

Here are the categories.....let's read.

A Memoir
A Book About a Curse of Prophecy
A Book That Is Over 500 pages
A National Book Award Winner
A New York Times Best Seller
A Book That Is Becoming a Movie in 2017
A Book Written By A Celebrity
A Political Memoir
A Science Fiction Novel
A Book Published in 2017
A Book With a Protagonist That Has Your Occupation
A Book That Takes Place in the Summer
A Murder Mystery
A Book Written By A Comedian
A Book With a Blue Cover
The First Book You See In A Bookstore
An Autobiography
A Book About A Road Trip
A Book About A Culture You Are Unfamiliar With
A Book That Takes Place on an Island
A Book You Pick Up Randomly Off The Shelf of the Library
A Book About A Historical Event
A Western Book
A Book With A Wacky Pun in the Title
A Book That Is More Than 150 Years Old
A Book That Someone Tells You it Changed Their Life
A Book Recommended By A Family Member
A Book About Finance
A Book By An Author You Have Never Read Before
A Book With A Great First Line
A Book That Is 10 Years Old
A Book Set In Canada
A Book With A Map in the Front
A Book With A Character That Has A Disability
A Classic You Haven't Read Before
A Book That Intimidates You
A Book About Non-Western History
A Book About An Indigenous Culture
A Book About Women In War
A Book About An Immigrant/Refugee to the US
A Book About Post-Apocalyptic Fiction written by a woman.
A Book About Anything You Want - Free Choice
A Book You Borrow from a Person (not a Library)
A Book With A Really Long Title
A Book With a Duplicate Word In the Title
A Book About Sports
A Book You Think Looks Boring
A Book With Royalty In it - Real or IMagined
A Book You Read Outloud To Someone Else
A Book From Rory Gilmore's Reading List
A Crime Novel
A Book About An Antihero
A Book Recommended By Your Oldest Family member
A Book You Saw Someone Reading In Public
A Book About Something You Love
A Book About A Conspiracy Theory
A Book You Couldn't Fit in Last Year's Challenge
A Book Set On Another Continent
A Book That Is A Saga
A Nonfiction Book About Science
A Book With A Number In The Title
A Book Based on Greek/Roman Mythology
A Newberry Award Winner
A Nonfiction Book About History
A Book Whose Story Spans Generations
A Book With a Country/City Name in the Title
A Book With A Fruit In the Title
A Book By One Of Your Favorite Authors
A Book About Ancient History
A Book Where The Author HAs A Mental Health Issue
A Book That Won An Award for the Best Translation
An Author's Final Book
A Book With The Word Grand In the Title
A Book About A Career You Admire
A Book About Native Americans

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