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Breathe To Read

Sunday, November 27, 2016

2017 Challenge

Now that it is nearing December, and I have read all of my books for 2016, it was time to make my list for 2017.
I wanted to try and read 75 books again.  It is hard to find that many categories in one challenge (and Goodreads only does a 50 book challenge each year), so I had to kind of piece the categories together.  It was harder than I thought to get 75 DIFFERENT categories than I did last year.

There are a few categories I still need to add books to.  Some I won't choose until we get into the year, but most I have filled.

This year I have decided it was time to tackle more classics.  I am not sure this was a wise choice - only time will tell.  I read a lot of things I liked in 2016, but I tried to make it easy on myself for a lot of the categories.  Wanted to make sure I finished the challenge.  So this year - I am going to make it more about quality than quantity, and STILL try to read all 75.  We shall see how that goes.

So here are the categories, and the books I have chosen so far.  (I linked the books to an amazon page so if you want to know what the book is about - just click on the book name and it will lead you to it!)

1. A Memoir: Orange is the New Black
2. A Book About a Curse or Prophecy: The Solomon Curse
3. A Book That Is Over 500 Pages: A Clash of Kings
4. A National Book Award Winner: Inside Out and Back Again
5. A New York Times Best Seller: The Girl On The Train
6. A Book That Is Becoming a Movie in 2017: Ready Player One
7. A Book Written By a Celebrity: Seriously.....I'm Kidding
8. A Political Memoir: Hard Choices
9. A Science Fiction Novel: Dune
10. A Book Published in 2017:  TBA
11. A Book With A Protagonist that Has Your Occupation: Promise Not To Tell
12. A Book That Takes Place In The Summer: The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh
13. A Murder Mystery: Chaos
14. A Book Written By A Comedian: I Know I Am But What Are You
15. A Book With A Blue Cover: The Age Of Miracles
16. The First Book You See In A Bookstore: End of Watch
17. An Autobiography: The Story Of My Life
18. A Book About A Road Trip: Travels With Charley
19. A Book About A Culture You Are Unfamiliar With: Three Cups of Tea
20. A Book That Takes Place On An Island: Utopia
21. A Book You Pick Up Randomly Off The Shelf of the Library: TBA
22. A Book About A Historical Event: Maus - My Father Bleeds History
23. A Western Book: Lonesome Dove
24. A Book With A Wacky Pun In The Title: Bored of the Rings
25. A Book That is More Than 150 Years Old: Uncle Tom's Cabin
26. A Book That Someone Tells You "Changed Their Life": TBA
27. A Book Recommended By A Family Member: Small Great Things
28. A Book About Finance: The Book On Rental Property Investing
29. A Book By An Author You Have Never Read Before: The Ocean At The End of The Lane
30. A Book With A Great First Line: Everything I Never Told You
31. A Book That Is 10 Years Old: The Name Of The Wind
32. A Book Set In Canada: Hatchet
33. A Book With A Map In The Front: At Home In Mitford
34. A Book With A Character That Has a Disability: Mockingbird
35. A Classic You Haven't Read Before: Walden
36. A Book That Intimidates You: Middlemarch
37. A Book About Non-Western History: Hungry Ghost: Mao's Secret Famine
38. A Book About An Indigenous Culture: The 500 Years of Resistance
39. A Book About Women In War: The Girl You Left Behind
40. A Book About An Immigrant/Refugee To The US: Christ In Concrete
41. A Book About A Post-Apocalyptic Fiction By A Woman: Into The Forest
42. A Book About Anything You Want - Free Choice: TBA
43. A Book You Borrow (from Person - Not Library): Don't Go
44. A Book With A Really Long Title: You Are Not So Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends On Facebook, Why Your Memory Is Mostly Fiction, and 46 Other Ways You are Deluding Yourself
45. A Book With a Duplicate Worth In The Title: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
46. A Book About Sports: Friday Night Lights
47. A Book You Think Looks Boring: Crime and Punishment
48. A Book With Royalty In It - Real or Imaginary: Cinder
49. A Book You Read Outloud to Someone Else: TBA
50. A Book From Rory Gilmore's Reading List: Christine
51. A Crime Novel: The Daughter of Time
52. A Book About An Antihero: Darkly Dreaming Dexter
53. A Book Recommended By Your OLDEST family member: Ladies Detective Agency
54. A Book You Saw Someone Reading In Public: Choosing to See
55. A Book About Something You Love: A Thousand Days In Tuscany
56. A Book About A Conspiracy Theory: The Ninth Orphan
57. A Book You Couldn't Fit In Last Year's Challenge: Covered Wagon Women
58. A Book Set On Another Continent: Endurance - Shackleton's Journey
59. A Book That Is A Saga: East of Eden
60. A Non-Fiction Book About Science: Packing For Mars 
61. A Book With A Number In The Title: The Thirteenth Tale
62. A Book Based On Greek/Roman Mythology: The Lost Hero
63. A Newberry Award Winner: El Deafo
64. A Nonfiction Book About History: Alexander Hamilton
65. A Book Whose Story Span Generations: One Hundred Years Of Solitude
66. A Book With A Country or City Name In The Title: A  Walk In The Woods
67. A Book With A Fruit In The Title: If Life Is A Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing In The Pits
68. A Book By One of Your Favorite Authors:
69. A Book About Ancient History: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
70. A Book Where The Author Has A Mental Health Issue: Wasted
71. A Book That Won An Award For The Best Translation: A Man Called Ove
72. An Author's Final Book: Go Set A Watchman
73. A Book With The Word Grand In The Title: The Grand Sophy
74. A Book About a Career You Admire: Baby Catcher - Chronicles of a Modern Midwife
75. A Book About Native Americans: The Absolutely True Story of a Part Time Indian

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