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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Read The World - Mexico - Like Water For Chocolate

Book: Like Water For Chocolate
Author: Laura Esquivel
Pages: 256
The book takes place in the country: YES
The author is from the country: YES
I have visited: YES

This was my 18th read for the year.  I finished is on 2/6/2019

I have actually been to Mexico a few times.  In the early 2000s, my husband and I lived in San Diego, California.  We would cross the border into Mexico into Tijuana a few times a year.  We loved going down there.  We could actually drive to the border, and take a bus for a small amount of money to cross over into Mexico.  The food was fantastic, and we loved to go shopping there - collecting small items for insanely low prices.  

That was back when things were simpler, of course.  IT was after 9/11, true, but we could still cross into Mexico with just our driver's license because we were living in California.  We would go back and forth so easily.  The hustle and bustle and loud music across the border was something I looked forward to doing all the time, and I am glad we got to experience it.

This story takes place on the De la Garza ranch.  Mama Elena gives birth to a little girl named Tita - right in the kitchen where Mama Elena was working.  Tita knows this is what lead to her love for cooking and creating delicious dishes. 

Tita grows up as the youngest daughter of Mama Elena, and the tradition in her family is that the youngest daughter never marries and always takes care of her mother.  But Tita is in love with a boy named Pedro.  And Pedro loves Tita.  Mama Elena refuses to let them be together, so Pedro marries Tita's eldest sister so that he can always be near her.

Over the course of their whole lives, Ttia and Pedro love each other.  Pedro stays married to Tita's oldest sister, has children with her, and even moves away for a time.  Tita falls for another man named John, but never comes to love him like she loved Pedro.

They spend their whole lives circling each other.  Through a tale of magical realism, and a tale that is chalked full of metaphors and figurative speech, Tita finally learns about love and passion.  Food is the central theme of this book and it helps express Tita's feelings and understanding of what is happening around her.

This was a very interesting book.  I really liked it, but it took me awhile to get into a rhythm with the style of writing.  It reminded me a bit of the writing in 100 Years of Solitude.  It took some concentration to find the deeper meaning in what Tita was trying to express.  Many of the characters die during the book unpredictably and in very bizarre ways.  Above all, this book will make you hungry - the meals she describes and cooks are mouth watering.  They all sound delicious.

If you are into magical realism type stories, and are okay with a bizaare tale, then this book is for you.  

Stars: 4

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  1. I absolutely adored Like Water for Chocolate it was the first novel for me to read by a Mexican author that wasn't a children's book and I remember I loved that book from start to finish (being half-Mexican, I was also probably ridiculously eager to love this book before I started it). I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! That ending haha!