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Breathe To Read

Friday, March 8, 2019

Breakout Post - The Little Prince

Book: The Little Prince
Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Pages: 96

This is my 35th read of the year.  I finished this last night with my two, 12 year old children and all three of us really liked this short little book.

The narrator is a pilot who has crash landed in the Sahara Desert.  He is trying to fix his plane.  While working, a little prince approaches him and asks him to draw a picture of a sheep.  Thus starts the story between the narrator and the little prince.  The little prince tells the pilot of his journey from his own planet.  The Little Prince's planet has just him, a flower, and three volcanoes (one extinct), and nothing else.  He tells the pilot that it is so small that only he fits.  

The Little Prince speaks of his journey to different small planets - all inhabited by just one person (a king, or a business man, or a lamplighter) - playing on the futile aspects of being an adult.  Until finally, the Little Prince lands on planet earth.  He tells the pilot about his flower - how he discovers on earth there are MANY like her.  But a wise fox, that the Little Prince had met (before the pilot), tells the Little Prince that his flower will always be special because HE cared for her.

It is a remarkable little book. A beautiful story, and sweet illustrations, and a very sad yet heartfelt ending.  We all three enjoyed it, and I am so glad we finally got around to reading it.  If you have never read this book, you really need to.  It is a treasure.

Stars: 5


  1. I'm kind of sad I didn't read this one as a kid. I would have liked it better :)

  2. This is one of my favorite books! I actually read it for the first time in my high school Spanish class and fell in love with it, and then was able to read it again the next year in French class (I was a language nut in school. Still am!). It's such a beautiful story. A few years ago, my husband bought me a stuffed fox (the one who wanted to be tamed) from a store in France, which is sitting across from me on my bookshelf right now. :)