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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - Characters I Would Like To Switch Places With

I am going to try "Top Ten Tuesday" from time to time - especially because my book post will get few and far between as the year wears on.  It was started by a book blogger called That Artsy Reader Girl and I thought it looked kind of fun.

This is actually a hard one for me.  I am not going to be able to come up with ten.  I have been reviewing my book list, and I see that I don't really cho0se books with characters I would want to change places with.  Part of it is the books I read (lots of WWII fiction/nonfiction), and part of it is well....I don't really want to switch places with anyone most days.  I do have a pretty fantastic life.  And maybe I have lived too long and done too much to really feel like I am missing out.


Anyway.  Here are the characters I came up with that I could be coaxed into changing places with.  I am sure I am overthinking it.

#1 Kahlessi from Game of Thrones
            - The Game of Thrones books are actually one of my all time favorite reads.  Which - if you met me in real life - this would surprise you.  The writing is superb, the story is crazy with 1 million characters, and it is hard to keep up with 1000 page books.  However, I love them.  I have watched the TV show (and am definitely ready for Season 8), and even own the Graphic Novels.  I am a hard core fan of George R.R. Martin.  Although - if he doesn't hurry up and write the last books in this series, I am going to take that last statment back.

              If you are unfamiliar with this series, it is too long and involved to go into, but Kahlessi is my favorite character.  She is a power to be reckoned with. And.....she has three dragons.  She has dominated many cities in the book and is working her way to her final stop - the Iron Throne - to rule over the seven kingdoms.  No one can stand in her way with these fire breathing monsters.  She is tough and fearless.  And she is quite beautiful with her blonde white hair (in my opinion).  So yeah....being her would be pretty awesome.

#2 - Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
            - I think we can all admit that Hermione is pretty awesome.  She is brilliant, and strong, and she can do magic.  Who wouldn't want to be able to do magic?  Although, at my age, I think I would do magic to do household chores and disapperate instead of having to drive or fly everywhere.  But it would be pretty cool to have magical powers, in my opinion.  I wonder if a wand would intimidate my kids into cleaning their rooms.....

#3 - Alice from Twilight
           - yeah these are not the best books, but I admit that I read them some years ago.  I could switch places with Alice from those books.  She is fiesty and strong.  She can see into the future (that would be pretty great), and she is immortal.  She has a lot going for her.

#4- Lawerence Anthony from "The Elephant Whisperer"
            - okay - this one is a bit of a stretch.  For one - this is a real person and not a character.  He is what they call the "Elephant Whisperer".  He owns and runs an elephant sanctuary in South Africa where he has saved every animal that has come across his path.  His sanctuary is called Thula Thula and it is on my bucket list to visit.  His efforts for animal rights and care are impressive at the very least and heroic at the very best.  He is a force to be reckoned with.  I would love to be able to do what he does.

#5 - Abigail Freeman from The Stand
           - this is another bit of a stretch, but this is one of my favorite novels AND she is one of my favorite characters from this novel.  She unites to "good side" in the war of good vs. evil when a plague hits the earth and wipes just about everyone out.  I think part of me would like to have her kind of unwavering faith in God and human kind.  Would I change places with her EXACTLY?  No......but I would like her fierce, fearless, strong personality.

That is my sad little list.  Only made it to 5 with the over 600 books I have read.  I am anxious to read who other people would like to change places with.  I think I need to read books about people who have fantastic lives and fantastic alter realties.  I feel like I am missing something since I don't seem to want to switch places with any of the characters in most of my books.

Maybe the next "Top Ten" will be easier.  I should have skipped this one, but in the name of good fun - and me trying to branch out a bit with this blog - I gave it a try.

Who would you be?


  1. As much as I love Daenerys, I would not want to switch places with her, ever lol, well maybe for a baby dragon cuddle! I think I would most like to change places with Hermione Granger, she's just so kick butt and brilliant!

    1. ha ha - yeah her life is always in danger, that is for sure! But she is unbeatable at this point with those bad boy dragons!

  2. To be honest, I'd switch places with Alice too xD

    Great post!

  3. Oh my gosh, you did an amazing job choosing non-traditional characters! Thank you for choosing Alice from The Stand! And 'The Elephant Whisperer'? That's awesome! I applaud you! I mean, dont get me wrong, I love Hermione, Alice, and Daeny, but I love when bloggers get creative and choose different characters from lesser books. If I could switch places, I think I might choose Rey because, uh, Kylo. Duh. :P