Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Monday, February 15, 2021

Reading Challenge 2021 - A Book Published In 2021: The Push

 Book: The Push

Author: Audrain

Pages: 320

This is my 18th read for the year

This is the story of Blythe.  Raised in a troubled household with a mother who left when Blythe was young, she is determined to be a better mother than the one she had.  Even Blythe's own mother had a terrible childhood, so Blythe is worried about the pattern continuing.  When Violet is born, Blythe already knows something is wrong.  She doesn't feel a connection to her daughter like she thinks she should.  And ask Violet grows and starts to have questionable behaviors that leave Blythe wondering if it is her or Violet that is the problem.  When a second child is born, and tragedy strikes, Blythe is convinced that she was right all along about her daughter.

This was an interesting read.  I listened to it with a free Audible credit I had.  It was a choice in my Book of The Month club as well.  It wasn't a new story line, of course.  Mother who doesn't bond with her child/child might be evil.  It has been done.  And this one wasn't particularly well written in my opinion.  I kept waiting for me.  For there to be more "incidents" or for the family to get help.....anything.  Instead Blythe makes wishy washy decisions and doesn't defend her thoughts or actions, and in the end......well the book just kind of ends on a bit of a cliff hanger.  I shoudln't say that.  It wasn't really a cliff hanger - you could see it coming.  But you could tell the author wanted to add some shock value.  

It was FINE.  I am glad I didn't waste my BOTM credit on this one, but it passed the time while I ran errands.

Stars: 3

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