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Thursday, February 9, 2017

2017 Challenge - Book #13 - Into The Forest

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Into The Forest

This is in the category:  A Post-Apocalyptic Fiction written by a woman

This is the story of two sisters names Nell and Eva who live in a remote section of their town on the west coast.  The story starts out where society has already started to collapse, their parents are dead and they are left to fend for themselves.  Because they are unprepared, they eat through most of their rations and play board games - sure that the power will be back on any moment.  Soon, though, they realize that this may be what they have to deal with forever, and start to use the land around them to survive.

I enjoyed 2/3rds of this book.  The story goes back and forth with the present and the past (although never really gets to WHY there has been a society collapse, just that there was).  It talks about how their mother got sick and their father died in an accident.  The first half talks about the girls original plans for the future (professional ballet dancer and a Harvard student).

And then - the story takes a 180 degree move, and I couldn't help but say...."what?"  It didn't make any sense, and didn't add anything to the story, and I was turned off by the idea that the author felt it was necessary.  After that, the book actually becomes a bit boring - talks a lot about gardening and canning and finding plants in the woods to survive on.  Which COULD be interesting, but it wasn't told in an interesting way.

The sisters never return to humanity.  They never leave the confines of their little corner of the world, never seek out others.  Not even when they learn to survive off the land, they don't venture out to help others.  It just....ends.

I don't encourage you to read this one.  There wasn't any excitement, no real story, and the ending was just...blah.

Stars: 2

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  1. Boo. There's so much you can do with post-apocalyptic storylines; it's too bad this author decided to make a really boring story about canning. I'm still looking for my book in this category.