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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

2021 Book Challenge: A Book Mentioned In Another Book: The End of Everything

 Book: The End of Everything

Author: Katie Mack

Pages: 240

This is my 7th read of the year

2021 Book Challenge Has Begun!

Side note - I completely forgot I didn't blog this book.  I read it a few weeks ago - well listened to it as an audio book.  And forgot to put it in my catalog

This is a non-fiction book in the author's own voice about the end of the universe.  She sets out to answer "what happens at the end of the story?"  Will we go out with another bang?  A whimper?  A collapse?  Fire? Ice?  She delves deep into the science of the universe and what could lead to its eventual demise - because we all know there will be an end someday - and if we will get warning, or one day that will just be "the end".  With wit and humor she takes us through a few possibilites based on what we now know about the universe and its development.

This was a great book.  Hold onto your hats because Katie is brilliant.  She gets into a lot of detail about the universe and the science behind it, and it leaves you realing.  HOWEVER - I have to commend her on her ability to also bring it down to our mere human level to help us understand it on a broader sense.  Your mind will be blown.  You will be terrified and mystified all at once.  I am positive you will learn something you didn't know before.  So check this one out.

Stars: 4 1/2

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