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Breathe To Read

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Extra Read - Traitor Born

Book: Traitor Born
Author: Amy Bartol
Pages: 309

This is my 73rd read of the year.

I read Second Born (the first book) a bit ago, and really liked it.  It is part of a Dystopian Trilogy, and I was excited to read the second one as my "break from Reading Challenge" book.

Secondborn Roselle has been put in a position to overthrow her mother.  The leaders of the Fates and the leaders of the rebellion have reached out to Roselle to join them.  A plot is being devised to get rid of the caste system and this is sometime Secondborn Roselle would like to see happen.  Overthrowing her mother, though, would also mean killing her brother Gabrille, and that is not something Roselle is poised to do.

In the meantime, 3, first born males are finding themselves falling in love with Roselle.  This is against the rules, so they keep their desires for her a secret from the Fates.  However, all three are determined to protect her no matter what.  Roselle, who can handle herself,finds herself persued not only by potential suitors, but by assassins that are sent by her mother who wants her dead.

Constantly in fear for her life, Roselle is hidden in the palace of the leader of all the Fates.  However, during the second born trials, Roselle and all of her friends and protectors are put in immediate danger when her mother and her followers attack innocent members of the Fates.  Roselle is torn apart by the attack and is faced with death herself at the hands of someone she trusted.

This was a pretty good book.  It may be my age, but I did quite a few eye rolls at the constant suitors for Roselle.  The book seemed to be torn between making her a strong female fighter and a damsel in distress.  It got a little old after awhile.  And Roselle was confusing in herself because each time one of these boys showed interest in her, she was immediately taken by them.  It was distracting from what I felt should be the central focus of the story - the war and the rebellion.  Instead, this book was more love story.

IT was fine.  I will read the 3rd one because I want to see how it ends.  While there are great battle scenes, I could have done without all the love triangles (or whatever you call it with 4 people).  It just got silly.

Stars: 3 1/2


  1. love trapezoids. JK. But I always hate when a good story gets convoluted with unnecessary romance drama especially if it didn't start out like that

    1. ha ha - that is a good word for it! I agree - this one was REALLY over the top with the romance drama. IT really distracted from the plot of the book