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Monday, June 17, 2019

Read The World - Mozambique - The First Wife (A Tale of Polygamy)

Book: The First Wife, A Tale of Polygamy
Author: Paulina Chiziane
Pages: 493
Book takes places in the country: YES
Author is from the country: YES
I have visited: NO

This is my 76th read for the year.

I really should go back and county how many African country books I have done so far.  I think I am getting close to finishing this continuent.

Rami is Tony's wife.  What she discovers is that she isn't Tony's ONLY wife.  She finds out that she is one of 5 women that Tony has had relations and children with.  At first she is angry - fighting each woman in turn, claiming that Tony is hers and hers alone.  She is, after all, the legal wife.  But with time, she comes to like these women and they learn to coexist together.

Rami plots to make him an honest man, but it doesn't work.  Tony's family forced him to marry the other 4 women.  Rami and the wives join together to demand their rights as a polygamist family.  Tony is overwhelmed with so many women to care for and disappears.  His family fears him dead, but Rami belives otherwise.  Tony eventually does turn back up, but by then, the 5 women have become independent of him.  Most own their own businesses and have taken other lovers, and start to drift away.  Rami ends up being the last one, and Tony begs her to stay and be his wife.  But Rami isn't sure that is what she wants any more.

This was a quirky book.  I am not sure how else to discribe it.  I liked it in a lot of ways.  The writing style was unique and flowy, and enjoyable.  Tony - didn't like him at all.  But I don't think I was supposed to.  I liked Rami and the wives for the most part, but they did go back and forth SO much about their feelings for Tony that my head started to spin.

Overall, it was good.  I am glad I read it and got a little insight into Polygamy that is popular in this country.

Stars: 4


  1. I can't lie, this has me completely curious. I really would love to read this and see about the other wives, I'm not quite familiar with polygamy and think this sounds pretty intriguing! Haha I think I'll probably dislike Tony from the get go but Rami and the wives sound interesting!

  2. This sounds like quite a different take compared to the only polygamy relationship I've read about. I hope the wives changing their minds so much reflects how people would normally react in those situations rather than just trying to create drama