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Breathe To Read

Sunday, June 30, 2019

June in Review

Today is my 44th birthday!  I am not sure how I feel saying that out loud.  I don't FEEL 44.....most days. 

Another month has come and gone.  We leave tomorrow for a 6 week trip to the United States to visit family for the summer.  I am sure my reading will slow down while we are gone - too much visiting (and eating) to do.

I read/listened to 14 books in the month of June.  It was a pretty good reading month, considering the weather changed for the better and I was spending more time doing other things.

This month's books were the following:  (if you click on the name it will take you to the review)

Sugar Money (Martinique)

Traitor Born (Extra book - off challenge)

Earth Weeps, Saturn Laughs (Oman)

Homegoing (Ghana)

Chronicle in Stone (Albania)

The First Wife (Mozambique)

This Voice In My Heart (Burundi)

We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed (Rwanda)

Fire and Blood (Extra book - off challenge)

The House At Sugar Beach (Liberia)

The Physics of Sorrow (Bulgaria)

Like A River From Its Course (Ukraine)

East Timor - Bitter Dawn (East Timor) - review later this week

Caraval (Extra book - off challenge) - review later this week

The top 5 books of this month were:

Fire and Blood
Traitor Born
Sugar Money
The Voice In My Heart
The House At Sugar Beach

The Bottom Reads were:

Caraval (sorry to whomever liked this one)
Earth Weeps, Saturn Laughs
East Timor - Bitter Dawn
The Physics of Sorrow

What were your favorites this past month?  Least favorites?


  1. ah! happy birthday :) i hope you get to enjoy a birthday week (i think everyone deserves to celebrate for a week and CHILL)

    i get what you mean about caraval, i loved it when reading but the more i reflect on it the more im like eh?

    1. thank you! It would be GREAT to chill. WE embark on a very long travel day tomorrow to visit family in the United Staes, but then it will be relaxing from then on. Yeah - Caraval wasn't great. I thought I was really going to love it, and I just didn't

  2. Happy birthday, and safe travels on your trip!!!

  3. Oooh happy birthday! I look forward to seeing your review for Caraval, and I hope you have such a great trip back to the States!!..I miss bbq Ribs so much....