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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Extra Book - Recursion

Book: Recursion
Author: Blake Crouch
Pages: 366

This is my 104th read for the year.

You may see a lot of "off challenge" books over the next few months.  A new library has opened up here in Basel that has a pretty nice English book section.  So I am going to use that to grab some of the titles I have been longing to read, but am on the "forever and a day" waiting list for the e-book versions.


This dystopian novel takes you through what would happen if we developed a way for someone to go back into the past and change things.  Cop Barry Sutton is a cop who is investigating something called False Memory Syndrome - something that is widely known but has not yet been explained.  People remember lives in parallel to the one they are actually living.  It makes them go mad - feel like they are losing their minds.

Helena is a neurologist looking for a cure for Alzheimers before her mother succumbs to it - trying to save memories so that patients don't lose who they are.  She invents a machine that can "change" people's memories, but the consequences of that prove disatrous.

Helena's chair that she invents falls into the wrong hands and it is a race to stop them for using it to cause world chaos.  She and Barry have to work together to solve a problem she didn't mean to create.

This book was pretty good.  I read it over one day because I borrowed it.  It is a fast paced book that you are going to want to speed through to see where it is going and how it will end.  The story took a little while to build up to where it was going, but once it got there, I felt that it almost moved too quickly.  That too many things were happening to the point of exhaustion.  The timelines and do-overs actually got to be a bit old after awhile.  The ending wasn't great, but not terrible.  It is so hard to write a satisfying ending.

I am a fan of Blake Crouch overall.  I have read his Wayward Pines series (and watched the TV show).  I read Dark Matter.  Both great books.  I was anxious to dive into this one because I love dystopian future novels.  And I would say overall it was a worthy read.  

Stars: 4


  1. Every single review I've read of this makes it sound brilliant! ...Now to see if my library carries it, and yay for some off challenge books :)

    1. Yes it was pretty good. Not as good as his others - I think he tried to put too many things into one story - but still worth a read.

  2. Great review, this sounds like such an interesting premise and I am definitely going to add this to my TBR!