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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday - Things I Like To Eat or Drink While Reading

Top Ten Tuesdays was started by The Artsy Reader.  Check out her blog HERE, and play along!  It is fun.

Today's Top Ten is: Things I Like To Eat or Drink While Reading.

I will say this.  I read quite a bit in two places:  On our public trams here in Basel, and in bed.  I do read during the day when I have some time, but mostly - it is the other two.

I say this because here in Basel - you are not allowed to eat or drink on the trams.  Ever.  It is an extremely strict rule and it is why the trams in Basel are immaculate.  Pretty sure they are cleaner than my house.

And I don't eat or drink in bed.  I read right before I go to sleep, and I have tried tea or water, but that just ends up being a long night of constantly having to use the bathroom.

So that leaves during the day.  Here are my favorites.   I am only listing 5.

1) Coffee

       This is number one.  And most mornings is a full meal.  I love coffee and would drink it all day long if it wouldn't keep me up all night.  I will sit at my kitchen table or in my hammock and sip coffee (okay sip a little coffee with a lot of cream and sugar) while I read.  It is a great way to start a day.

2) Chips

      This is my second favorite thing to munch on while I read.  I mean the American style chips - not French Fries.  Pretzels, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Sour Cream and Onion.....mmmmm.  Any go well with a book I am reading.

3) Tea

      In the evenings and I have a chance to sit and read, I like a cup of tea.  I love flavored teas with a little sugar and sometimes a little milk.  Even in the summer months, I enjoy a hot cup of tea.

4) Gummy Candy

      Don't laugh.  If I am reading an intense story -  scary or mystery for example - a pack of Hairbo gummy candy does the trick.  I like to munch when the story is suspensful, and gummy candy fits the bill.  Want to know a little secret?  "Gummi" in German means rubber.  Fun fact to know before you ask someone for Gummies at the grocery store.  You're welcome.

5) French Bread

       The foods I am mentioning and the amount I read, makes me wonder if you think I weight 8000 pounds.  Luckily I have a pretty active life style in the city, and that keeps me from becoming the shape of a circle and able to enjoy some of my favorite foods.
         I love hard, French Bread.  Each day our bakery makes fresh batches and about once a week I snatch a loaf for us to enjoy.  We eat it sometimes just plain or along with some of our favorite Basel cheese.  But mostly I just rip off a piece and munch while I read.  Especially if I don't have a lot of time.

What are your favorite foods while you read?



  1. Ooooo yes, salt and vinegar chips, and sour cream and onion are some of my favorites! Though I wouldn't complain about fries, either, haha. I won't judge you for the gummies since I DO THE SAME THING, only it's with whatever food I do have on hand.

  2. Chips, gummies, coffee, tea, and cookies, all the cookies lol