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Breathe To Read

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #3 - Bear Town

Today's review is for:  Bear Town

Written by:  Fredrik Backman
Pages: 432

This is the story of a small town who loved hockey above everything else.  Win is the only motto.  They turn out players who go on to be professional hockey players.  One such player has returned to be the GM of Bear Town Hockey.  A family tragedy has sent him and his young family from the NHL team in Canada back to Bear Town.  His wife, who has never understood what all the fuss is about, is a lawyer.  His teenage daugher would rather play a guitar than pick up a stick.  And his young son has big dreams to be a star like his dad.

The story focuses on several boys on the Junior team and their quest to win the National Hockey Championship for high school kids.  The team works like a family and they stick together no matter what.  So when one of their own is accused of a horrible crime, the team has to decide whose side they are on.

I have mixed feelings about this book.  This is my 4th book by this author.  This one was great in its own way, but it also seemed to have a lot of unnecessary dialogue that could have been left out.  A did a few eye rolls at the over "mushiness" of some of the sections - it just didn't fit the story.  However - this small annoyance did not take away from the overall story.

I recommend reading it, knowing that you may find it a bit....much sometimes. 

Stars: 4

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  1. I started this one but put it down about a third of the way through. Doesn’t seem to come close to comparing with Ove and My Grandmother. I’ll pick it up again, but not yet!