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Breathe To Read

Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #6 - Dad is Fat

Today's review is for:

Dad is Fat
Author:Jim Gaffigan
Pages: 336

Jim writes this book from his perspective as a parent raising 5 kids.  He is a comedian who lives in New York City with his wife, Jeannie, and their children.  At the time this book was written (2013), they were living in a small 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan.  He writes extensively on many subjects raising a large family - from birth to birthday parties, to eating, sleeping, and napping.  He talks about his mistakes and victories of being a dad.

This was a hilarious book.  Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians.  He stand up is always about his kids or food.  And he is a very clean comedian - meaning he doesn't need swearing to be funny.  He has a sarcastic, dry humor that I love.

I cannot imagine raising 5 kids in the city let alone in a 2 bedroom apartment.  I don't think he can imagine it either because it is a large part of what he talks about in the book.  At the time of the writing, his youngest child was a few weeks old, and his oldest was 8.  It must have been chaos.

Try this book out - you won't be disappointed.

Stars: 5

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