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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Read The World - Sweden - A Man Called Ove

Book: A Man Called Ove
Author: Fredrik Backman
Pages: 337
Book takes place in the country: YES
Author is from the country: YES
I have visited: no

I read this book at the beginning of 2017, and quickly fell in love with Fredrik Backman.  I have read everything he has written, and besdies "Us Against You" I have loved them all.  What a talented writer.  If you have not tried his books, you need to pick one of them up now.  This is my favorite of his, with "My Grandmother Said To Tell You I'm Sorry" running a very close second.

This is a story of a man named Ove.  He is a grumpy 59 year old man that has always thrived on order and rules.  He likes a quiet life and likes to be left alone.  His life was turned upside down 6 months ago when his wife died.  He has decided to end his own life, but things keep getting in the way.

Soon - new neighbors move next door - a young couple and their two young girls who immediately take a liking to Ove.  Ove doesn't know what to make of this attention from his neighbors, and before long, he finds himself intertwined in many of his neighbors lives and realizes that there is still much to live for.

This is a wonderful story.  It is funny and endearing and sweet all at once.  Ove is hilarious as a little old man who just wants everyone to do their job and follow the rules.  He is always on the lookout for thieves and people who insist on driving their car in his neighborhood that doesn't allow cars.  He can't get rid of a stray cat who he names "Cat Annoyance".

Ove helps people but grumps about it.  But the main theme is that he can't help himself being a good person because that is who his wife saw him as.  He honors her memory by being the man she always saw him to be and in the end, all of his neighbors become his friends.

GREAT story.  Check it out.

Stars:  5


  1. ah this is on my TBR! and omg "Cat Annoyance" is the best name ever for a cat tbh 😂

  2. This sounds so sweet! I like that he is kind as that's how his wife saw him as.