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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Extra Book - The Only Plane In The Sky

Book: The Only Plane In The Sky
Author: Garrett M Graff
Pages: 512

This is my 132nd book of the year.

I think all Americans, and even some non-Americans, remember where they were on 9/11/2001 when the attacks occured.  I was a young pediatric nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  We went into total lock down becuase of our closeness to Washington DC.  We spent that day shielding the children from the TV sets and keep some normality, as well as catch glimpses of what was going on.  

I grew up right outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and have had a chance to visit the memorial they have there.  We have visited the memorial in New York City.  We never forget.  What happened that day is never far from my mind.  And I was only distantly involved.  I cannot imagine for all of those directly involved - what it must be like for them.

This book is a recount of hundreds of voices and their stories from that day.  Victims, family members, fireman, policeman, government officals, on and on.  It tells the story from the night before to years after the attack.  The author pieces together the attack from different angles giving us an insider view we have not had before.  

The book is very well done.  As all stories I read or watch about 9/11, I am tense in the reliving what it was like to witness something like that.  This story gave me new information I had not had before from first hand accounts of those who were there that day.  I gained a better understanding of what happened - especially from the view of those in the government.  The author fills the pages with personal stories filled with emotion, and loss, and trauma like I have never read before.

It is a fantastic read.   I am so glad I read it.  Please consider putting it high on your TBR list.

Stars: 5

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