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Saturday, April 7, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #51 - The Great Alone

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The Great Alone:
Author: Kristin Hannah
Pages: 448

This is the story of the Albright family.  Cora and and Ernt and their 13 year old daughter, Leni have just moved to Alaska.  Broke and with no where to turn, Ernt has inherited his uncle's cabin in a small Alaskan.  Here there is no running water or electricity, and winters are hard.  The Albrights need to learn how to survive, and quickly.  What doesn't help is that Ernt was a POW and has never recovered.  The dark brings out his demons.  He is abusive to his wife and daughter, and has long spells where he thinks everyone is out to get him.

The community surrounds Cora and Leni and takes good care of them.  They continually try to encourage Cora to leave Ernt - that they will protect her.  But she doens't feel she can.  She loves him, she says, so she stays.  Leni thrives living in Alaska.  She becomes tough.  She falls in love with a boy.  She dreams of escaping her father and protecting her mother.

One night, Cora has had enough.  She plans their escape.  Leni runs off with a boy, Matthew, to hide and wait for her mother.  But tragedy strikes, and their whole world is turned upside down.  The life Leni dreamed of having suddenly comes to a halt.

This was another great book by Kristin Hannah.  I have read everything she has ever written and am never disappointed.  She has great character development and she draws you into the story.  I always need to finish her books quickly -see how they end.  This one falls short of what I consider her greatest novel - The Nightingale - but it is still very well worth the read. 

Check it out.  You will not be disappointed.

Stars:  4 1/2

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