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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Read The World - Botswana - The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

Book: The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency
Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Pages: 235
Book takes place in the country: YES
Author is from the country: YES
I have visited: NO

5th book for the year 2019.  Finished on 1/11/2019.  When I was asking for recommendations for books from people for this country, this one came up again and again.  I wasn't sure if I would like it, but when there aren't many books coming out of a country - you take your chances.  

I have not been to Africa yet.  It is on the short list (like everything else, honestly).  Living here in Switzerland, the top of Africa is within our easy reach, so I am sure we will touch down on the continent soon.

This is the story of Precious Ramotswe who opens up the first ladies detective agency in the country.  Precious was drawn to helping people, and when her father dies, and leaves her with enough money to start a business, this is just what she does.  She gets work almost immediately - tracking down a missing husband, a con man, and even someone's daughter.  But her most serious case - one she never actually takes money for, but wants to complete - is a missing 11 year old boy.  

Throughout the cases, we learn about Precious' life growing up - the loss of her mother and father, a failed marriage, and the loss of her own child.  All interwoven into the story of her ability to find people and discover the truth.

I have to admit, the first 50 pages into this book, I wasn't sure I was going to keep going.  I found it light and fun from the beginning, but I wasn't sure it was supposed to be.  The story is very disjointed in the beginning - jumps from her opening this detective agency back into the past of her father without giving you much warning.  But I was encouraged by the people who loved this book to keep going, so I did.

And I wasn't disappointed.  In the end, I loved it.  It is a very short book, so a very quick read, and if I wasn't in the middle of a challenge, I would pick up the other books in the series immediately.  Precious is a wonderful character that you fall in love with.  She is kind, and smart, and well liked in the community.  There is even an edge of humor to the book which will make you smile.  And the ending is just lovely.

If you are like me, and wonder "what is happening" when you start this book - don't put it down.  Keep going.  I promise you will be rewarded.

Stars: 4


  1. .....Oh wow how did this end up on my TBR list after reading this? Honestly I'm always looking for books like this and it's 10x better that it includes a Detective Agency run by a woman, bring it!

  2. Oh wow this sounds like a really good book, great review!

  3. This sounds like such a good book! I love female detectives, and stories about how someone grew up and their hardships are one my favorite types of stories. I'll definitely add it to my TBR. Great review!