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Breathe To Read

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Read The World - Montenegro - Blood of Montenegro

Book: Blood of Montenegro
Author: Bajram Angelo Koljenovic
Pages: 361
Book Takes Place in the Country: YES (but just about 50%)
Author is from the country: YES
I have visited: NO

This is my 148th read of the year

This is the story of the author and three generations of the Koljenovic family.  Intermixed with the author's personal story is history of Montenegro, the Bulkans and Yugoslavia.  The authro expresses his feelings of communist rule, and his quest to escape it.  He speaks of the blood feud that was going on on Montenegro in the mid 20th century.  

This was an okay book.  The story was kind of all over the place, and at times, I found it a bit bland.  There was some really good parts that kept me reading, but overall, it wasn't a great book.  And it only takes place 50% of the book in Montenegro.  I was hoping for more.  I did learn a bit about the country and the wars that went on in the 20th century, so I will hold onto this one for now.

Stars: 3

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