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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Top Ten Tuesdays - Changes In My Reading Life

Top Ten Tuesdays was started by The Artsy Reader.  You can visit her blog and join in the fun!

This weeks' Top Ten is:

Changes In My Reading Life

This one is pretty easy for me, but I probably cannot come up with ten.

1) Reading Challenges.

      In 2015 I was in a rut in my reading life.  I was sticking to reading just a few books here and there.  And I was stuck on the same genre - dystopian.  I had always been a reader, but life had gotten busy and I was not devoting a lot of time to reading.  That all changed when a friend of mine introduced me to reading challenges.  We did them together for a few years and it changed my whole outlook on reading.  I was in sections of the library I had never visited before.  I read things that I would never had glanced at before.  And in doing these challenges, I realized how many great books I was missing out on.

2) Changings My Genre choices

     This goes pretty well with the Reading Challenges.  This forced me out of dystopian and into so many other things.  I have always loved history, but hadn't read many history books.  I found a new love for non-fiction and historical fiction.   I found many genres that I enjoyed.

3) Figuring out what Genres I really don't like

     As I figured out the Genres I did enjoy with my Reading Challenges,  I quickly found what I didn't like.  Mostly it revolves around romance novels.  I keep trying them, hoping that I will find one that really hits me.  But I really haven't.  I also struggle a bit with the classics.  Is that a Genre?  Maybe not.  But I like them and don't love them.  Glad I read them, but struggled with them.

4) Reading Pace has changed

     I used to read maybe 5-10 books a year.  My first reading challenge I changed that to 50.  And then I reached for 75.  Then 100.  This year I have read 145 books so far - my biggest reading year.  I am not trying to outpace myself each year.  I could go back to reading 50 books and be just as happy.  But I WANT to read this much.  I enjoy reading 100+ pages of a book a day. Or reading 2 books at a time.  Adding audiobooks when I run my errands.

5) Finding A Love For Stand Alone Novels

      Before 2015, I read mostly trilogies.  I hated to see a story end after one book.  I figured stand alone novels would never give me the satisfaction that a story with multiple books and developing characters did.  But I was wrong.  Now I hardly ever read trilogies.  I still love them, don't get me wrong.  But I find that I don't need them to get the satisfaction out of a story.

6) Traveling The World made easier

        We moved 2 1/2 years ago to Switzerland from the United States.  It as the biggest move we have ever made, and we are still very much out of our comfort zone.  But this move has provided for us many opportunities to travel throughout Europe and Asia, and I am forever grateful.  We have visited more countries and cities in these last two years than we have in the last 10.  I could live 1000 lifetimes and never see all the places I would like to see.  So that got me thinking.  If I "Read The World" - I could read about all kinds of countries that I may never have a chance to visit.  And it has been the best challenge I have ever done.  Truly.  There are 202 countries on our planet, and I have learned so much about over half of them so far.  I have read books - again - I would have never even looked at in the past.  There are so many amazing places on this planet, and I am loving learning about all of them.

7) Meeting Other Avid Readers

    Who knew there were so many people who devoured books out there?  I had no idea because it isn't really in my inner circle - people who read like I do.  But those people exist.  And with the power of blogging and instagram, I have found 100s of them.  And so many young people that love to read!  It is empowering and wonderful and gives me hope for the future.  That there are still so many people out there who love literature.

I think that is about it.  What about you?  What changes have you made to your reading life?


  1. Wow, I still don't think I could read over 100 books a year. XD My reading challenge goal is 55 which is more than I read last year. But I used to probably read around only 10 books a year before I started blogging too.

    1. It should never matter how many you read but that you are reading! Yes - blogging and challenges made me read more and then it became my go to activity. Plus - I spend a lot of time on public transportation, so I have a lot of time to read.

  2. Same with classics! I've always struggled with them, but there's a few that I enjoyed (usually published closer to today). I've also made some changes in the number of books I've read, though I think mine has gone down rather than up (although that really depends on the year as well).

    1. I am glad to see I am not the only one! I think if my lifestyle changed (had to go back to driving everywhere) my reading life would change as well.