Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Friday, November 1, 2019

October Wrap Up

Another month has past.  And today Mat and I celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary!  Time to bring on November, and the start of the holidays - my favorite time of year.

This month I finished 15 books.  Eight of them were from my Read The World Challenge and the rest were extra reads I couldn't stay away from. I have got to stop looking at Instagram for book ideas because I need to work harder on this Read The World challenge to keep.  There have been so many books that have been recommended to me or that I see in the pictures, and I found it hard to stay away.

I have read 134 books so far this year, and am well over half way in my Read The World Challenge.  I have truly enjoyed this challenge.  It is a monster of a thing, and of course it will not be completed by the end of this year, but I am so glad I did it.  I am also enjoying buying the books I read to add to my permanent bookshelf, something I don't normally do.  But I felt that having a book that took place in each country could be a great add to the shelf.

Here are my reads for this past month.  If you click on the book title, it will take you to the review.

The Glass Palace - Illusions of Freedom and Democracy in Qatar (Read The World Challenge - Qatar)

The Art Of Racing In The Rain (Off Challenge Book)

Empty Mansions (Off Challenge Book)

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (Off Challenge Book)

The Bolivian Diary (Read The World Challenge - Bolivia)

I Didn't Do It For You (Read The World Challenge - Eritrea)

Delirium (Read The World Challenge - Columbia)

The Testaments (Off Challenge Book)

The Blue Lagoon (Read The World - Fiji)

Please Look After Mom (Read The World - South Korea)

We Need New Names (Read The World Challenge - Zimbabwe)

The Only Plane In The Sky (Off Challenge Book)

The Silent Patient (Off Challenge Book)

Kintu (Read The World - Uganda) - review soon

My  favorite reads for the month were:

Empty Mansions
Please Look After Mom
The Only Plane in The Sky
Bad Blood

My bottom of the pile were:

The Silent Patient
The Bolivian Diary

What did you read this month?  What were your favorites?


  1. We have no books in common for this month. I read The Testaments back in September. October has been quite disappointing for me unfortunately, I don't know what's wrong with all the hypes of the year gone wrong. So, my favourites of this month were actually 2 novella's, Shadows and Reveal Me. Both young adult ones and part of a series.

    1. Those both sound great. I get into slumps as well where I think anyone can write a book! And then a few good ones come along. I agree - a lot of hype around certain books and they turned out to be bleh.

  2. Happy belated anniversary, I hope you and Mat had a lovely day together to celebrate! 15 books is quite fantastic, and you are doing great with your challenge as well.

    1. Thank you! I cannot believe we have been married so long

  3. Awe happy anniversary! Wow, that's impressive. I'm such a slow reader I don't think I'd ever be able to read more than 100 books in a year. XD

    1. Thank you! And it doesn't matter how much you read. I have a lot of down time (tram travel - three teenagers that don't speak to us most of the time - ha ha).