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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #45 - We Were Liars

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We Were Liars
Author: E. Lockhart
Pages: 256

This is the story of a wealthy family called the Sinclairs.  The grandfather owns a beautiful island where the family goes each summer to relax and be together as a family.  The main character - Cadence had an accident two summers ago that has caused memory loss and migraine headaches.  She skipped going to the island the year after her accident and went instead with her dad on a trip through Europe.  But now that she is 17, she is back at the island.  Her mother is very over protective of her, and wants everyone to give Cadence some space and not talk to her about the accident.

But that isn't want Cadence wants.  She misses her four friends - two cousins - a boy and a girl around her age, one of her cousin's best friend - Gat.  Cadence had fallen for Gat two summers ago, and she is anxious to see him most of all.

There are many houses on the island - each of the sister (There are three in all) have their own house, plus the Grandfather has his.  The 4 friends spend almost all of their time together holing up together in one house - not leaving even for meals.  Cadences mother doesn't like how much time she is spending away from the rest of the family, and is constantly trying to pull her back into the fold.  But Cadence just wants answers.  She wants to know why she can't remember her accident - wants to know what happened.  Slowly - as the weeks pass, she pieces together what happened, and now knows she will never be the same.

I enjoyed this book.  Once I discovered it was a YA novel, its simplicity made a lot more sense.  It is a quick read - you could easily read it in a few hours.  There is a twist near the end, and honestly - I didn't see it coming.  I could not piece that together based on the beginning of the story, so kudos to the author for that one.

Good for the teenage group.  And if you are looking for a light read.  Worth your time.

Stars: 4

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