Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April Wrap Up

I cannot believe another month has gone by.  The weather has gotten so much nicer here in Basel, so that is cutting into my reading time.  I have turned to my garden and just being outdoors more.  I am going to have to get more committed to audio books as the warmer weather continues.

We also took a 10 day vacation to Scotland this month.  We had a beautiful time.  It is an amazing country, and I want to go back and explore more of the north and the islands in the future.  If you have never visted, you should go.  Gorgeous place.

This month I read 10 books which was better than I expected.  9 of those were for my Read The World Challenge, and one that was off.  I have decided that every once in awhile I am going to read a book outside of the Read The World Challenge just to give myself a break.  I love this challenge, but it is intense, so sometimes it will be nice to veer off and read something different.

Here is the wrap up.  If you click on the book name, it will take you to my reviews for that book.

City of Thieves (Kosovo)

What is the What (Sudan)

Of Water and the Spirit (Burkina Faso)

Life in the Imperial City (Iraq)

Black and White Sands (Dominica)

The Blackhouse (Scotland)

Still Life (Canada)

Secondborn (Extra book)

The Sorrows of War (Vietnam)

Shadows of Your Black Memory (Equatorial Guinea) - I haven't reviewed this one yet

My favorite books of the month were:

City of Thieves
What is the What
Second Born

My least favorite of the month were:

The Blackhouse
Still Life

What did you read this month?  Did you have some favorites?


  1. I enjoyed my time in Scotland when I was there and I am glad you got to enjoy your 10 day holiday there so much! And yay for finding some new favourites this reading month too x I'm not familiar with any of these titles :3

  2. I live in Scotland, I love it, we love doing road trips here. I do think reading a book outside the challenge is refreshing and it'll probably keep you motivated through this great undertaking! City of Thieves sounds like something I would definitely want to read if I'm honest l always want to read the books you review, they all sound amazing

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Scotland! I've heard it's a beautiful place from a lot of people who have gone to Scotland and it's one of the countries I hope to visit one day. Read the World Challenge definitely sounds intense and I agree - it's good to read outside the challenge and take a little break to enjoy another book.