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Breathe To Read

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #15 - The Hunny Bunny

Today's review is for:  The Hunny Bunny
Author: Jack Murtha
Pages: 334

This is the story a true story of a family.  A young couple who were expecting their first baby.  Shortly after their baby, Katherine's, birth, the couple is told that the baby has a very serious heart defect called Ebstein's Anomaly.  Most children who are born with this have to have many heart surgeries over the course of their life, and many do not survive.

Over the next 10 months, Jack walks us through what it is like to have a very sick baby.  Katie - as she soon becomes- only ever gets to spend a very short few weeks at home, but the rest of her short life is spent in the hospital.  Jack tells the tale of what it is like to be a parent who wants to fix everything, make enough money so they can afford Katie's care, and be there for his wife.  He brings to light what it is like for these parents day in and day out in a hospital room.

I grew up in Connellsville with Jack.  Our paths crossed as children in religious classes, so it was nice to see Connellsville mentioned a few times in this book.  When a relative of his recommended this book, I was thrilled to read it.  I am so glad I did because it was a great book.  You don't often get to hear a heart wrenching story from a parent's perspective.  It gave you a good insight on how these parents feel.

Full disclosure - I have been a pediatric nurse for 20 years.  A few things he said about nurses did sting, but then I realized - like every profession there are people who shouldn't be in that profession.  There are bad nurses just like there are bad doctors, and bad lawyers, and bad teachers.  When a family is hurting, they take it out on the nurse.  If the nurse cannot react with compassion and understanding to that, and know it isn't personal, then she shouldn't be there.  When a parents is dealing with a terminally ill child and is working out of his league, and is tired and helpless - that is not the time to take a stand.

Down off the soap box.  Grab this book and read it.  And make sure you have kleenex handy.

Stars: 4

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