Breathe To Read

Breathe To Read

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #4 - The Tumor

This book was so fast to read that I read it on one tram ride this morning. 

The book was:  The Tumor

Author:  John Grisham
Pages:  around 100 (unknown exactly- it was on the Kindle)

The story is about a man with brain cancer.  It goes through his actual treatment, diagnosis, and eventual death from the tumor as treatment stands in 2015.  The story then talks about what his treatment and prognosis might have been had he been diagnosed in 2025 instead using ultrasound therapy to remove the tumor and treat the patient.  Instead of living 8 months in pain and agony, the patient could have lived 10 years or more - seen his children grow up.  The results are the same - glioblastomas are still not a survivable cancer, but his life would have been longer and a better quality.

This was such a fast book.  Not much to think about it, really, since there wasn't much content.  The story about Peter - the patient with the glioblastoma - was good....and very sad.  And the idea that a new technology could prolong a person's life from 1 year to 10 is an astronomical feat.  To know we are on the verge of such science is encouraging.

I would not buy this book because it is so short.  But right now you can read it for free on your Kindle through Amazon.  So check it out.

Starts: 4

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