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Breathe To Read

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #19 - A Fall of Marigolds

I have broken my record for most books read in a month.  I know - you are thrilled.

Today's review is for:

A Fall of Marigolds
Author: Susan Meissner
Pages: 400

This is the story of two women.  Clara - a nurse in 1911 who is caring for immigrants coming to Ellis Island.  She has escaped to the island after a fire has killed the man she loved.  The fire -where she witnessed 140 people die - haunts her, and she feels like she cannot return to the main land.  She grieves for the loss of the man she cared for as well as the life she had.  Taryn is a quilt shop owner in 2011.  She also has dealt with loss.  Her husband was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11.  She never got to tell her husband he was going to be a father.  She was heading to meet him that day when the towers fell.

One thing binds the two women - a scarf with Marigolds.  Clara saw it first on a patient she cared for when he came to her ward.  It story unfolding as she spent time with him.  Taryn - who was given the scarf by a client.  The client wanted Taryn to try and find fabric to match it so that the client could have a scarf made for her sister.  Taryn has the scarf with her the day the towers were hit.   For 10 years, Taryn has looked for the Marigold fabic - always morning the loss of the scarf along with the loss of her husband.  

The scarf appears in a magizine article on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  This sends Taryn searching again for a link to her husband and her past.  And in the end, she also is linked with Clara.  Both women must come to terms with the loss of love and learn the ability to move forward and heal.

This was a FANTASTIC book.  I loved every sentence.  The way the women's stories intertwined, and how the scarf became a way for them to move on.  How circumstance plays a part in all of our lives and that things that happen to us help shape us who we are.  Clara and Taryn come to terms with the death of their loved ones.  They form connections through their grief, and with the scarf, that lead them to heal.

This is a definite read.  You will love every minute.

Stars: 5

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