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Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018 Challenge - Book #21 - These Are My Words - The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine

Today's review is for:

These Are My Words - The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine
Author: Nancy Turner
Pages: 416

This is a historical fiction piece about Sarah who traveled to the west in the late 1880s.  She is a teenager at the beginning of the story - traveling with her family to find a new home.  The story is written as her journal - keeping track of her journey as she becomes a young woman, gets married, has children, and settles into her new life in Arizona.  The story is full of hope and tragedy as it details 20 years of Sarah's life.

This was a pretty good book.  It is easy to tell it is historical fiction because it writes more like a story than an actual journal.  Unlike most women, though, that crossed the country in search of a new life, Sarah is tough, knows how to shoot a gun, and does almost all the chores - both those for male and female - on her new ranch in Arizona.  Although many tragedies happen to her along the way that might cause her to lose faith, she pushes on to make a good life for her family.

I suggest giving this book a try.  Knowing it is fiction and not a true journal of a woman of this time period, goes a long way in making the story enjoyable.

Stars:  4

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