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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review #27 (2015 Challenge), Gregor The Overlander

This review is for the book: Gregor the Overlander (read in September 2015)

The category of this one was: A Popular Authors First Book.

And that author was Suzanne Collins - who wrote the Hunger Games.

Oh Suzanne.  You have proved to me with this book that anyone can be a writer if they put in the commitment.  This book was pretty horrible.

Okay - yes it is a YA book.  But it was pushing even that.  I like the idea of the book - this young boy from New York falls into the "Underland" through a shoot in his laundry room and ends up in this play where the animals speak and bats, cochroaches (yuk) and rats are as big as Elephants.  There are "humans" there but because they don't receive sunlight, they are pale and skinny.  

The point of the book is to get Gregor back home.  And to keep him alive while that is being done. 

If I was 7, I probably would like this book because I wouldn't have known any better.  And Suzanne - you became a Bazillionaire so.....touche.

Stars 1 1/2

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