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Breathe To Read

Monday, April 1, 2019

March in Review

It is April 1st!  I cannot believe another month has come and gone.  This past month the kids had 2 weeks off from school, my parents visited, and the weather turned beautiful.  So the chances for me reading were slim.  I keep telling myself that to get through this Read The World Challenge, I am going to have to commit, but it is so hard when beautiful weather calls me to work in the garden.

I read 14 books in March, which is a bit of a surprise as I count back.  We didn't vacation during those two weeks the kids were off from school, so that did help.  And the beginning of March was still cold and dark.

Here are the books I read this past month.  If you click on the name, it will take you to my review:
1) Circling The Sun (Kenya)
2) I Am Nujood - Age 10 and Divorced (Yemen)
3) Beyond The Rice Fields (Madagascar)
4) The Little Prince (breakout book)
5) Swiss Watching (Switzerland)
6) Voices From Chernobyl (Belarus)
7) A Small Place (Antigua)
8) City of Gold (United Arab Emirates)
9) Like Water On Stone (Armenia)
10) The Invisible Mountain (Uruguay)
11) Ali and Nino (Azerbaijan)
12) The Last Will and Testament of Senhor daSilva (Cape Verde)
13) If You Leave Us Here We Will Die (East Timor)
14) City of Thieves (Kosovo) - This one I haven't reviewed on my blog yet, so stay tuned!

My top 5 favorites from this month were:

1) The Little Prince
2) Swiss Watching
3) City of Gold
4) Like Water On Stone
5) City of Thieves

My bottom 4 from this month were:

1) A Small Place
2) The Invisible Mountain
3) Ali and Nino
4) If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die (a book I might try and replace if I can find another)

This month I read a lot of books that I bought, rather than borrowed.  I have started ordering the books I need for this challenge that I cannot borrow.  There are some countries that are just so small that I don't have the option to borrow them from my libraries.  AND - because I am stuck with just borrowing e-books, that limits my choices even futher.   I don't mind buying, knowing the chances are good that I will keep them for my Read The World Challenge, BUT there were a few I read this month that were disappointing.  And I wish, now, that I was able to borrow them first before I invested in them.

What did you read this last month that you truly enjoyed?  Did you have a book that you didn't like at all?



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  2. Wow, even with kids being off school, parents visiting, having beautiful weather, you still managed to read 14 books... That’s so impressive!! :) :)

    1. ha ha - thanks! Yeah - the beginning of the month was still pretty cold, so I did a lot then.

  3. I know it'll be hard to focus as much with the beautiful weather but I can't wait to see where your reading takes you next, still bummed that Ali and Nino was a bust but also, all the yes to The Little Prince <3 (my daughter has her two weeks off this month like starting Friday, oof lol)

    1. I have been eyeing The Little Prince for a long time and finally talked my kids into reading it with me. I really loved it

  4. Wow 14 books are a lot! It's amazing that you managed to read so many. I really enjoyed reading THE DRAGON REPUBLIC this month. It was heartbreaking but SO SO GREAT.

    1. ooo - what a great title. I am looking that one up!

  5. Wow! That's a huge Wrap-up!! I really like your idea of reading books from different countries!!

    Hope you have an even better April! Happy Reading!!

    1. Thanks! IT has been a really fun challenge. I am thinking April will be quieter in book numbers because the weather is amazing AND we are going to Scotland for 10 days.

  6. So impressive that you got 14 books read with all that going on! I really enjoy following along on this challenge, so thanks for being here and participating in this. :) Happy April!