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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review #10 (2015 Challenge), NOS4A2

The book I just finished was called NOS4A2. (read in February 2015)

It fell under my Reading Challenge Category of A book with a number in the title.

This book was actually really good.  I wasn't sure if I would like it.  Joe Hill is Steven King's son, and that family has a history of strange - and scary - books.  I read "Horns" by Joe Hill and found it quite disturbing, but mildly humorous, so I decided to give him another go.

I wasn't disappointed.  I thought the book was well written and ended well.  (A problem that his dad has with his books).  The book is about a vampire names Charles Manx (although the vamp never really admits it) who kidnaps children who he thinks have an unhappy life and takes them to a place called "Christmas Land".  He usually kills their parents, whom he thinks are unfit to be parents.  He is, of course, a wacko and a serial killer.  NOS4A2 is his license plate and it stands for Nosferatu, which is Romania for Vampire.

Along comes the main character, Vic.  Her story starts when she is a young girl and she finds that when something is lost, a bridge appears, and she can cross it and find what is missing.  The bridge will take her anywhere in the country the "lost" object is.  And this is how she comes to cross paths with Charles Manx.  Charles spends he life trying to track her down, and Vic spends her life trying to run from what she believes was a terrible hallucination (the bridge and the man).

Vic falls in love, has a child, and the story comes full circle.  I do recommend it, if you can stand the books length.  I don't think it was long winded.  It truly needed all 686 pages to tell the story.  Check it out.

Star rating 4 1/2.

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