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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review #5 (2015 Challenge), Y The Last Man

This book review is for "Y The Last Man" (read in January 2015)

The category was Graphic Novel

Since I have never read a graphic novel in my life, this recommendation came from my husband.  He has quite a few in his library, so he thought this one would be good for me.

It was.....interesting.  Kudos for a book with pictures - really brought the story to life.  Personally, it would be nice to see more adult books like this.  Ha ha.

The story was about the last man on earth.  One day, all the males of not just humans, but of all species, just died.  At least that is what everyone thought.  Come to find out there was one man left and one male monkey.  The job of some of the women is to keep him alive.  And in the end - they succeed.

Since I am pretty sure that 95% of my readers of this blog will not be picking up this - or any other - graphic novel, I will leave the review at that.

It was an interesting enough story, but it does not make me want to read more like it.

Star Rating: 2 1/2 stars.

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