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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review #3 (2015 Challenge), Redshirts

Today I am reviewing my 3rd book on my 2015 reading challenge - Redshirts. (read Jan. 2015)

This book was under my category: A book with a color in the title

It came recommended to me by my husband.  He has been trying to get me to read it for over a year.  But knowing the kind of books he usually reads, I kept putting him off.  As I was making my reading challenge book list, the man tried to put this book in every category I mentioned, so I caved and read it.

And I didn't hate it.  It was actually quite an enjoyable read.  And quick.

For those of you who like shows such as Star Trek, or any show/movie where you see something happen to D rated characters (extras) and mumble to yourself "I saw that coming a mile away" - this book is for you.  It is a story of a group of people on a ship called the Intrepid where bad stuff happens to all the expendable characters, and the captains always come out of the battles either mildly hurt, or unscathed.  BUT - if you are traveling with them - you are doomed.  The people on the ship have learned to hide from these captains knowing that if they get picked to go on a mission with them - they will not be returning.

It is quite silly, and quite true when it comes to shows like Star Trek.  I was tortured watching that show on TV with Mat, and characters in the redshirts always bit it.  You would catch yourself saying, "oh look - there is a character in a redshirt.  He is done for".

I won't go much further with this book because it takes a fun spin that I think you should read for yourself.  If you are looking for something light and easy to read, give it a try.  You won't be disappointed.

Star Rating: 4

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