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Breathe To Read

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review #45 (2015 Challenge), The Golden Compass

Today I am going to review The Golden Compass (read in October, 2015)

This was under the category "A Banned Book"  (really)

This is a story of a young orphan named Lyra who lives with her uncle.  In this world, people's souls are on the outside of their bodies and take the shape of an animal.  They are called Daemons.   Children's Daemons change until they get old enough and then the animal takes one permanent shape (usually to reflect their personality).  Lyra meets a woman, Mrs. Culture, who takes her to the North on an adventure.  Lyra goes because she wants to find her friend who was stolen by a group called the Gobblers.  Along the way she meets Gyptians, Bears, and learns about mysterious Dust.  She finds out what the Gobblers have been doing and how she is going to save her friend.

The book is great.  It is a Young Adult novel, but I think it is a bit complicated to be in this section.  I could see high schoolers getting the ideas behind the book, but below that might have a hard time.  I could be wrong.  It is definitely not a fluffy novel.  It has its fair share of surprises along the way, and there was a cliff hanger at the end of the novel.  I watched the movie when I was done watching it, and Arlington and I have decided that we are going to read the second book to see where it goes from here.

I recommend it.  It has a few parts that were a little dry, but overall, a very good read.

Stars: 4

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